7 Recommended Stone Kitchen Worktops Designs You Should Try

Worktops are the most exposed and probably the most widely used area of our kitchens. Selecting the perfect stone kitchen worktop design involves a lot of research and comparison. It’s not just about choosing the best-looking model, but also about choosing the one which will last longer. Moreover, the key to selecting the suitable stone worktop for your kitchen lies with your requirements and budget. To answer many of your questions, we have compiled a list of seven kitchen worktop designs which you can opt for:

  1. Kalinga Stone complemented with wheat-oak and pearl white cabinets

Kalinga stone has an enduring value. The elegant looking stone has high durability, which always gives it an edge over the granite counterparts. In addition to their looks, they are also anti-microbial and food-grade certified. The non-porous texture makes the Kalinga Stone very hygienic, and it is also one of the hardest materials used to make kitchen worktops.

  1. Granite countertop paired with Moroccan backsplash

Granite stone kitchen worktops have been the signature option for kitchens around the globe, and there is more than one reason for it. Apart from being the most cost-effective option, they are also scratch-proof and hygienic. Granite countertops are created from heavy and durable slabs. These worktops give a beautiful and timeless appeal while elevating the aura of your kitchen. Many celebrity chefs agree that granite worktops are their personal favourite among all the other options. To add to the advantage list, they also come in different shades which enables you to select the colour of your choice.

  1. Caeserstone Worktops and Teak cabinets

For those who love spending time in the kitchen, Caeserstone might do the job. It is a crafted combination of 93% Quartz, mixed with 7% polymerized resins, along with adhesives and additives. Caeserstone is a heat resistant material and can withstand 250 degrees Celsius of temperature. It is available in more than fifty different shades and will surely add a positive feel to your kitchen.

  1. Marble

Imagine a sleek marble kitchen worktop in a polar themed kitchen with all-white cabinets. Yes, the same kitchen, which we often come across in television commercials. Instagram and Pinterest are filled with marble worktop kitchen worktops, showcasing exotic delicacies. Marble is a bit softer than other kitchen worktop materials, but you can always use a chopping board to avoid any scratches on your worktop. Marble is highly heat resistant and waterproof as well.

  1. Corian stone and Oak or black-painted cabinets for a modern look

Corian is probably the most in-trend stone kitchen worktop material. It is crafted in the form of sheets from a mixture of polymerized resins, minerals, and colours. Corian kitchen worktops are sustainable, hygienic, and waterproof. Their non-porous texture gives them the ability to resist stains and microbes. One unique characteristic of Corian worktops is that they are repairable, and any damage taken by them is temporary. Much like most of the stones mentioned in the list, Corian is also available in different hues and distinctive patterns.

  1. Classic Quartz is a Country style kitchen

Quartz is another famous kitchen worktop material that has been gracing Indian homes. It looks sleek, smooth, and classy. You can play around with colours and textures for your kitchen since they have a wide assortment of hues. Quartz is non-permeable, which implies it doesn’t get stained quickly. You don’t need to stress over microbe infestation either.

  1. Soapstone with light-grey cabinets for an elegant kitchen

Soapstone is a naturally occurring stone, which is usually dark grey and feels silky to touch. It is widely known as an alternative to granite and marble worktops. Soapstone is prevalent in historic homes, but it is quickly gaining momentum in the modern kitchen architecture and is often paired with light-grey cabinets to give a classic look to the kitchen.

Above mentioned kitchen worktops are handpicked from dozens of styles available, but there is an endless list of varieties. You can always customize the kitchen style based on your desire and requirements for your dream kitchen.

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