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Everybody when visit the market try to find the best thing for its needs. If you are in search of the best but very inexpensive chair for massage or another treatment purpose, then do not forget us. You should try our products for at least one time. Buy Cheap Treatment Chairs(Köp billigt Behandlingsstolar )From Here.

  • Try our product which is treatment chair 1211102 of 185 cm length and 86 cm in width is available in white color. this hydraulic facial bed is the best choice for cosmetics and pedicure procedures. the foot section is separated into this sofa like a chair that can completely perform the treatment procedures. this comfortable chair is considered as foot pump which can be hydraulically adjusted from 60-75 cm and the backrest is also foldable from back or upright up to 80 degrees. There is a face hole under the pillow for great massage doing. synthetic leather can be easily washable by the surface. If treatment creams or massage oils splash on it, they can be easily washable with little warm water or soap.
  • Our next product with regard to Treatment chair ARMCHAIR is AZZURRO 870S PEDI 3 POWER in gray color. this cosmetic chair considered a modern, durable and very stable seat and can be adjusted electrically that will provide comfort while during treatment and just patients but massagers also get benefits from this chair. There Quiet electric motors are adjusted that are helpful in quick and comfortable seat adjustment. armrest provides comfort to the person who takes a seat on the chair. in the manufacturing process, cushioning is made with eco-leather of high quality. Or this product is available in various colors. specialists and users prefer this electrical cosmeticAZZURRO 870S PEDI 3 SILN. This product offers 2 years of warranty. this chair can load the weight of 140 kg.
  • We offer Hydraulic Treatment chair V2 in white color. the complete height of the chair is 125- 140 cm and 185 cm depth. Armrest makes the with up to 86 cm and if we count without armrest then width decrease to 64 cm. if we measure the seat height then it is 60-75 cm while the height of the backrest is 68 cm and this height is measured from the seat. total weight of the chair is 55 kg and it can bear up to 400 kg load. This is the best option for professional saloon massagers and home users for treatment.
  • Now meet our one of the best vidaXL Foldable & portable energy massage chair that is available in white and blue color. this chair accomplishes all needs of comfort for the massagers and tattoos as this is a foldable and adjustable massage chair. an additional feature of this massage chair is that it has a soft padded headrest, an armrest, two leg rests and a chestiest that provide the extra luxurious position for the users. this chair becomes robust and stable due to a solid iron frame. This chair is very lightweight as it includes just 8 kg weight of itself. It is manufactured with 5% Polyester and 95% of PVC material.
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