Casual Dress

Casual dress attire is not imposed on the dressing. In fact, casual dress induces a feeling of a relaxed environment that makes us happier and more productive.

Dress code implies a set of rules indicating the approved manner of dress. Dress code also reflects a social norm imposed by religion, tradition, educational institutions, business houses, and social gatherings.

The flip side insists that some kind of dress code should be implied, if not stated so that people pay attention to the fact that they are supposed to create a specified environment say when at work. Such side opinions are always there to be argued upon. But let us evaluate the casual dress attire.

The term ‘casual dress’ seems to encompass much while identifying nothing. Casual dress implies ‘anything goes’ but still noticeable.

A casual dress is a dress code that reflects comfort and personal expression over formal presentation sense. For him, it could be trousers and a sport coat, and for her dressy pants look like wearing jeans or shorts.

It also reflects a sort of freedom in which new forms of self-expression are tried before that attire are accepted as semi casuals.

Jewelry is worn by men, for example used to be a casual attire but nowadays being accepted as semi-casual dress sense. A few decades earlier casual attire included such clothing as khakis, slacks, and polo shirts.

Jeans were not a part of the average individual s wardrobe because any kind of jeans was considered appropriate only for those doing manual and/or strenuous labor that requiring the sturdy denim material.

In the business environment formalities are norms and so his dress sense. The urge to look more creative as well attractive and relaxed has given business formals to turn around for business casuals.

Business casual is crisp, neat, and should look appropriate even for a chance meeting with a CEO. It should not look like a cocktail or party or picnic attire. Avoid tight or baggy clothing; business casual is classic rather than trendy.

Business casual can mean different things to different employers. In some cases, business casual attire means pressed khakis and a button-down long-sleeved shirt. To other companies, it might mean dress jeans and a polo shirt.

Causality to an extent is decent unless you are in the fashion industry promoting extreme casual fashion attires. Recognize the fact that you will be judged the way you dress and casualty plays an important role in your dress sense.

Don’t go overboard while dressing in a casual way. Dress casual as per your personality and requirement of the occasion.

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