Give a Helping Hand


Volunteering is a good way to help the less fortunate because without you as volunteers, no work will be finished. we need a helping hand of yours.

Volunteering to help in the shelter during the Christmas season will unload the shelter’s staff of some duties and attend to the most important ones.

In this way, it is not only the less fortunate people who will appreciate your good deeds but the social workers too.

Try volunteering also in the hospitals, orphanages and other institution that needs great helping hand during this holiday season. Helping them in some of the household chores will be well appreciated by the organization.

This is also a way to make and meet new people and eventually become friends with them. Once these people trust you, they are more likely to help you out too when the times come that you need their help.

Helping can be just about anything as long as it is done with genuine care and love. Companies like and have been known to contribute generous donations to the needy.

Once in a while, you go out and meet less fortunate people on the streets. They are not bad people, it’s just that something not so good happened to them that made them who they are. Socialize with them to make their day a better one.

If you do not want to mingle or join them, smile at them. A warm smile can brighten up their day. Sometimes, a smile is all they need to feel good about them.

The most important help that you can give is to spread love. Spread the act by teaching the young ones about the less fortunate people. Remember that children learn from their parents on how to treat people.

By teaching them about the plight of these unfortunate people, you can inspire them to help too. You will be able to teach them a sense of compassion and love towards different kinds of people.

In doing this, they will grow up to be the loving person that you taught them to be. Show them you are helping these people so that they will help them too when they grow up and spread the same love as you did.

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