Keep Puppy From Chewing Towels And Clothes

Chewing is a very natural thing for a puppy and many people tolerate it while a puppy is small.  However, a bigger dog can cause a lot of destruction by Puppy From Chewing Towels And Clothes and it is important that bad habits are addressed whilst a puppy is young.

One fundamental thing to teach your puppy is what they can and cannot chew.

When you cannot give your puppy your undivided attention, you can create a play-pen for your puppy and place several toys which your puppy is allowed with them.

By doing this you are limiting what items your puppy can play with, while you are busy, and are potentially breaking bad habits before they start.  You would not let a toddler wander around and pick up any object, so you shouldn’t a young puppy.

However, you cannot leave a puppy in a play-pen all the time and it is important that you address the chewing issues, whilst they are roaming free.  Make sure you put the toys your puppy is allowed in places that are easily accessible to them and encourage the puppy when they play and chew on an allowed toy.

If the puppy does pick up a towel or an item of clothing, try to distract them from this with a toy they are allowed.  If they come away from the forbidden item, reward them with play or even a small treat.

It is important to remember that young puppies are easily distracted, one minute they will be playing with one of their toys and then seconds later the dirty pair of trousers on the floor will be much more interesting.

One way to stop puppies chewing towels and clothes is to make sure they are not left in a place where a puppy can easily access them. If you pick them up, a puppy will not be able to chew them and this will stop any bad habits beginning.

Another great way of steering puppies in the direction of toys they can play with is investing in a Kong.  A Kong is a small plastic toy in which you can place treats or some nice tasting paste, and which will entertain a puppy for quite a while.

The puppy will try to get the treats out and by doing this you are both mentally stimulating your puppy and distracting them from the items they are not allowed.

Another reason a puppy will chew clothes or a towel is boredom.  Keeping your puppy mentally and physically stimulated will stop them from naughty behavior like chewing.  Exercising a puppy will make the puppy use its extra energy while on a walk, rather than causing destruction at home.

If a puppy persistently returns to a forbidden item, there are sprays that can be sprayed on the item, which does not taste nice to a puppy and should eventually deter the puppy from the forbidden item.  These sprays can be brought in most pet shops and will not harm the puppy.

You should never punish your puppy for chewing as it is a natural thing to them.  With time your puppy will learn what it is allowed and what it is not and will make a loving and faithful pet.

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