How to Help the Less Fortunate

Christmas is fast approaching, you may be done with your Christmas shopping and gift wrapping your presents for your loved ones but have you thought of other people who may not be as fortunate as you are in this season of giving? It is not too late to Help the Less Fortunate people if you want to make their Christmas as jolly as yours.

Here are some ways to Help the Less Fortunate by which you can brighten and bring cheers to these people lives this holiday:

There are lots of ways to help the poor. Your friends and relatives will play a great part in your drive to help the less fortunate. You can start collecting canned goods and donate them. During this season, several religious organizations are collating and starting a donation drive too. You can bring all your collected canned goods at the church of your choice. Or you can even start your own drive. Ask everyone in your circle of influence to bring canned goods. You can even allow a small prize for a person who will bring the most goods. Set a specific time when to collect them and then donate the canned goods to shelters or homeless people in your community.

In your office, you can ask your office mates and co-workers to bring used clothes, blankets, shoes and start clothes drive to warm these people during the holidays. Start collecting them and pick the ones that are usable. After finishing the drive, bring these clothes to the less fortunate ones in your community or to a shelter of your choice. This will surely warm them in the cold evening nights.

Perhaps the most popular way of helping the less fortunate people are to give them money. Sites like provide loans to the underprivileged, helping them start their own businesses. This is something that they can use to buy things they need and food to eat. There is a disadvantage though when people give money to less fortunate. Instead of buying foods and the things they need, they buy cigarettes and alcohol for themselves.


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