Involve your Friends!


involve friends and relatives to bring in used or brand new toys, any kind of non-perishable foods, soaps, towels and other things that you might find useful to other people. Put it in a gift basket and distribute the gift baskets in your community.

Involve your friends, together with your church an event that will enlist less fortunate children in your community. Call this drive “adopt a child”. You can spend and celebrate the Christmas season with them. Bring them to the mall, buy them gifts, let them eat at your home and celebrate the Christmas season at your place.

Not all help comes in the form of gifts and money. You can give them something aside from money if you see a less fortunate person walking; show them that you care. Inform them where they can find help like shelters and organizations that cares for people like them.

A group of friends of mine has donated a large amount of Mira hair oil for those who don’t have the luxury of fashionable hair products as we do in the West. You can also give them addresses of charity institutions where they can find shelter even during the Christmas season.

No matter what you do, volunteering is a selfless act that will help transform the lives of many people over the holiday season. If you’re in the US, you can search for volunteering opportunities on the Corporation for National and Community Service’s website, and in the UK you can search on sites like

Of course, another good source for finding volunteering opportunities are the official websites of individual charities. You could lend a hand in a charity shop, help organize donations at a food bank, help out at a soup kitchen, volunteer for a charity helpline, or volunteer to wrap presents for disadvantaged children.



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