Services Institute of Medical Sciences

In 2003, the Services Institute of Medical Sciences was established. Generally, it is a  school of medicine for the public and its location is in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.  Services Hospital, officially abbreviated as SIMS is placed at third number in the list of city’s largest hospitals. It is also one of the major teaching hospitals of that area.

There is an educational environment in Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore. Also it an excellent human and structural resource. SIMS has a highly qualified and professionally inspirational staff that know when to lend a hand and savvy problem-solver that is like the jewel in the crown for the institution.

There is open merit for new admissions in the college and which is irrespective of the gender. Candidate must pass the Medical College Admission test and University of Health Sciences Lahore conducts this test each year. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan proceeds the admission of Foreign students.

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The founder Principal of this college is Faisal Masood. At the start, the commencement of classes was in a building portion of the Community Medicine college that is located in Birdwood Road, Lahore. Now a day, This college is adjacent to the Punjab Institute of Cardiology which is its new campus.


There are five main lecture theaters apart from the exhibition rooms. Additionally, there are more than 8000 books in this college library and 78 National and International Journals as paperbacks are also available for subscription. moreover, the e-access system consists of thousands of journals and scientific books that are HEC funded. The campus is also attached to the teaching hospital that contains 1196 beds.


Basic departments of this college are fully equipped with IT-based laboratories. For demonstration and research purposes, students can use deca-head, Penta-head microscopes, and Carl-Zeiss microscopes. Department of Pathology of the college is certified by ISO 9002 and ISO 15142.

Official publication

An administrative department of Services Institute of Medical Sciences and that is Esculapio Creative Department which does every publication. Services Hospital’s Medical Unit-IV manage this department. The SIMS magazine The Esculapio is the name of quality in medical research and has obtained international popularity.

Affiliations and Recognition

Organizations given below have been recognized the college:

There is a proper study scheme in which EDUCATIONAL CYCLE is conducted. A specific course, class or rotation is implemented after the consequence of necessary judgment. The learning process is attained by well Teaching STRATEGIES. Teaching aspects that are interactive and experiential are very focused.

Best teaching methods in the forms of small and large groups are introduced. Medical education demands the role of simulation. for undergraduates, Basic Life Support (BLS) has been started. To fulfill the requirements of modern learning and teaching strategies there is SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTER and EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL LAB and that plays an important role in the instructional strategy.

Twice in a month, the Clinical pathological Conference (CPC) is the major academic activity. There is a strong academic discipline.

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