Urban Legends: Finding the Perfect Home

Does the “perfect home” exist? I guess if you have an unlimited budget, then probably so. For the rest of us – those who aren’t rock stars or professional athletes — the perfect home for us may exist, but finding it requires a little preparation. Here are some steps to take to get you there.

1.Meet with a Realtor for a buyer consultation. Good Realtors start by meeting with you to identify your needs and to inform you about the current marketplace. Understanding what is available and how it may meet your needs can save hours of time otherwise wasted looking at homes that don’t work.

2.Meet with a reputable lender. Getting qualified and knowing what the monthly cost of your new home will be is an important step to take. Looking at homes in a price range that is too high, with monthly payments you can’t afford can waste a lot of time — and cause a lot of heartache if you decide on a home you like only to find out later that you cannot afford it.

3.Determine your primary and secondary locations for your home. A primary location is generally determined by the ideal maximum distance you would consider living from work, family and other social functions. For example, “I would really prefer to live within five miles of the office and the kids’ school.” Your secondary location is generally based on how far you’re willing to live, if a home in the primary location isn’t available: “I’d be willing to live up to ten miles away if it was a great home.”

4.Decide what type of home will meet your needs, and then determine if any homes that meet your needs are available in the primary location. If not, are there any available in the secondary location? Remember, the number one factor in determining real estate values is location. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made based on whether or not you want a specific home or if it’s more important to be in a preferred location.

5.Last but not least, once you have an idea of what type of home and what location will work for you, go look at homes.
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