Why Become A Vegetarian

As time moves on there is an increasing belief amongst people that becoming a vegetarian may make a difference.

A person in this situation may also be questioning if this dramatic change to their life will help the planet at all. Ok, so one person won’t change things much but many individuals who think the same way can make a difference and even one person can help.

This is especially true if you look at Americans who eat meat and the percentage of those that will suffer from heart disease at some point in their lives.

Meat, dairy produce, and eggs are the main sources of cholesterol which are the contributing factors in coronary heart disease and other circulation problems. The organization Earth Save has calculated that a vegetarian has only a quarter of the chance of a heart attack as someone who has meat in their diet.

As for people who are pure vegans, it gets even lower: they have less than 1/10 the chance of having a heart. In addition to heart health, you will get a number of other health benefits as a vegetarian.

There is less likelihood of cancer owing to the reduced number of preservatives that will be in your diet compared to a person that regularly eats meat. Vegetarians will also benefit from knowing they will not be consuming many of the hormones cattle ingest as part of their feed; which can cause hormonal problems in people.

Another substance, lactose, is also missing from their diet which has causal links with digestive conditions. The health advantages to becoming a vegetarian are unquestionable but there is also the fact that many animals will not lose their lives to feed you either.

In fact, the death toll of animals may be far greater than expected with figures in the region of 2,700 eaten by an average American in their lifetime. In the course of just a few short years, you could stop the death of hundreds of animals by changing your life this way.

The suffering of many cows and battery farmed hens would also be reduced if you were to give up eggs and milk as well. So the answer is yes, it does matter whether or not you become a vegetarian.

It matters to the thousands of animals you could potentially save and it matters to you as an individual because you can greatly reduce your chances of getting cancer and heart disease.

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