Why Is The Labrador The Only Guide Dog Breed?

Let me Introduce Myself;  I am a Labrador Retriever. Not only am I the most popular breed for Guide Dog Breed owners worldwide, but I am also the breed of choice for anyone seeking a therapeutic guide dog.

I am known for my intelligence (I’m writing this article, aren’t I?) and my ability to learn quickly, making me an ideal candidate for a guide dog.

I usually weigh between 55-75 pounds but I would weigh more if you I couldn’t count on you to help me control my voracious appetite! I know I am too big to be a lap dog, but I am most content when I am close to you.

I will sit at your feet for hours waiting for the next opportunity to do something that will entertain or please you.

Work History

My ancestors were from Newfoundland and were the fisherman’s best friend. They would help pull in the fisherman’s nets and ecstatically retrieve fish that fell from the nets assuring that none of the fisherman’s catch escaped.

My ability to seek out and retrieve game and fowl makes me a desirable companion dog to hunters. Police departments value my skills and use many of my breeds for search and rescue missions. I am happiest when I have a purpose or a job to do.

Skills and Abilities

I am most often utilized as a service or guide dog. I am gentle, loyal and capable of learning to do the things that you may not be able to do for yourself. I take my job very seriously and will learn to anticipate your needs before you give me the command.

I can open doors, turn on lights, find keys and other lost items, pull your wheelchair, open cabinets, alert you when the telephone is ringing or someone is at the door, or fetch your shoes and other items you might need.

I enjoy holding objects in my mouth but don’t worry, I am so careful that I can hold an egg in my mouth without breaking it.

Although I pride myself on being extremely bright, I cannot read traffic signs or traffic lights. I can follow a path or sidewalk, turn right or left, guide you across the street or through crowds, but I will need explicit verbal commands or gestures to assure safe arrival at our destination.


As your guide dog, I will put in as many hours as you require each day with no complaints. I will be your guide, your helpmate, your companion, your protector, and your best friend.

My gentle nature and loyal service will make me the perfect dog for the job. I do not require a paycheck on Friday, paid holidays or paid vacations.

The only benefits I ask for are to be allowed to do my job, get fed regularly with an occasional treat for good behavior, to receive regular praise and rubs behind the ears, and to know that you love me as much as I will certainly love you!

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